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Our brand

Polo Properties is a people-centered business model. Our philosophy, our values, our processes, our training and our actions all revolve around people's ability to move forward. Our ambition is to help people (whether they are owners, buyers or Polo Properties real estate consultants) realize their dreams and projects.

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Discover our services

We put real estate enthusiasts at the service of your life projects. The Polo Properties team is made up of cosmopolitan personalities with unique backgrounds, united by a passion for real estate and the realization of residential real estate projects, whether for a primary or secondary residence, long-term rental or seasonal rental.

Discover the inspiring vision of our founder, which led to the creation of Polo Properties. David Scheffler, after a 25-year journey with a leading German international real estate giant, brings an innovative vision of real estate, centered around humanity. David Scheffler reflects on his passion for Polo and values shared with exceptional real estate.

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